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Masen coordinates the various stakeholders, hence strengthening the value chain. With its unique model for intervention, Masen provides its integrated projects with a plethora of multidisciplinary skills and expertise.
Specific expertise guide every step of the renewable projects’ development, forming a complete and coherent chain. 14

Masen Specificities

Site Prospection

This Site Prospection division is involved early on in the project development process, in order to identify and purchase the land best suited to hosting energy complexes. It is responsible for assessing the natural resources (implementation notably of the solar Atlas) and all other meteorological conditions. It also conducts a series of surveys (topography, hydrology and hydrogeology, seismicity, geotechnology, environmental and social impact) that are carried out prior to theprojects’ construction.The division is formed of various specialist engineers, including geographic information systems engineers, statisticians, and experts in geological, seismic, water and topographical surveys.


« I am a chartered topographical engineer and haveworked at Masen since it was founded. I am responsible for developing Masen’s topographical standards, from apportioning property tax base to monitoring production of all the as-built geometric drawings of the various infrastructure projects. I love my job because it makes me feel like a factor in the success of Masen »

Mohammed Amine El Qour

Topographical Project Manager

Engineering Design

This division, led by electricity specialists, is responsible for identifying the most appropriate technologies and configurations for the selected sites, right from a project’s preliminary phase through to its development and the tendering phase.It also has the role of establishing within a specifications brief, all minimum requirements that help best secure the deployment of renewable energy projects. Lastly, the technical design team develops the urban and landscape concept of each of the projects, in keeping with its environment.


« I’m a graduate of Mohammadia School of Engineering, and that is my biggest source of pride. The second is my everyday work at Masen. I’m really passionate about my job, which mainly involves managing the technical aspect of developing renewables projects. What I love most about it is keeping up-to-date on the latest technological progress and innovation in generating electricity from clean sources. »

Khadija Tahri Joutei

Technical Design Manager

Project Structuring

Masen’s Project Structuring team works primarily on the financial and legal structuring of project development, as well as raising the funds required to finance those projects. It also manages the entire developer/partner selection process,the calls for expression of interest and the financial closing.

In addition, it ensures that projects comply with the highest international social and environmental standards.


« I am a graduate of ESCP Business School in Paris and a former investment banker. I joined Masen barely two years after it was established and have seen it grow from a start-up of around 30 people into a solid structure of almost 150. I am part of the team in charge of setting up Masen’s projects, from conducting market surveys to selecting plant developers, raising funds and negotiating all the contractual documentation that governs the projects’ lifespan. There is an enormous amount of work and pressure in our division, butlearning and meeting challengesdailyalso brings great enjoyment. Not to mention, of course, the opportunity to work on renewable energy projects and the intense feelingthat you’re working on tomorrow’s world! »

Basma Bentaher

Structural Project Manager

Power Plants and Infrastructure

Masen’s Power Plants and Infrastructure division is responsible for the supervision of the management, the operation and the maintenance of the power plants since their implementation. This division checks the first performances of the power plants and manages its activities during all its life cycle. The Power Plants and Infrastructure division guarantees the integrity of the different equipments, the availability of the power plants, the stability of the production and the optimisation of the performance.


My name is Faiçal and I am a process and energy engineer from the Ecole des Mines de Nancy. I have been working for Masen since 2013 and I especially like the opportunity I was given to work with a high quality team on unique engineering structures and innovative developments. Amongst other things, I worked on the construction of a cantilever bridge system with submerged pumps that directly draw water from the dam. This was a first for Morocco!

Faiçal Al Assil

Operation Project Manager

Operation and Maintenance

Masen’s Operation and Maintenance division is responsible for constructing and operating energy complexes: from the engineering phase to the implementation of the projects, including the supervision of the equipment purchase and its production.

This division is also in charge of the R&D projects’ deployment. All through this process, the team makes sure that quality, security, environment, budget and planning are respected.

Applied and Pre-operational R&D Backed by Industrial Project

The Applied and Pre-operational R&D Backed by Industrial Projects division, which is based in Rabat, comprises several engineers.They are responsible for:

  • identifying and promoting the interests of domestic and international manufacturers and institutions who want to test prototypes at the pre-production stage at Noor Ouarzazate platform of applied and pre-operational R&D backed by industrial projects;
  • adapting international standards to national projects,as towelcome in the best possible conditions the cooperation projects;
  • nurturing the renewable energy ecosystem.

A civil engineer from the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne, I began my professional career with experience of applied research within the CEA (Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) in Grenoble. I joined Masen in 2014 and for almost two years now I have been working on defining the key areas of focus for solar research in accordance with Masen’s strategic objectives for industrial integration, training and support for the operation of solar energy generation plants. What I like about my job is seeing how muchimpact the current R&D projects willsurely have on the future industry.

Samir Rachidi

Senior Research and Development Associate

Cooperation & Partnerships

The Cooperation and Partnerships division focuses on continental and regional strategy, shares national expertise, works on South-South cooperation, and defines opportunities for exchanging Moroccan electricity from renewable sources. Masen is thus helping to create favourable conditions for developing strong and productive partnerships between Morocco and various other countries for the purposes of an interdependent and successful regional integration.


« I arrived at Masen in 2015. The Noor Ouarzazate I plant was due to become operational. Since then, two other projects are under development and through my travels I can see just how much Morocco represents an energy success story for many of our friendly neighbouring countries. On a global level, there still remains much to do, whether in terms of raising awareness about the fight against global warming or action to develop projects that harness renewable energy. »

Ali Zerouali

Director of the International Cooperation and Partnerships Division