Governance & Organisation


Masen has established a balanced governance structure based around a Board that deploys and coordinates Masen’s activities and a supervisory board where the main ministries and key stakeholders of the sector are represented.

*Masen’s governance and organisation will be adjusted taking into account the latest legislative amendments.


Supervisory Board

  • The State, represented by Mister Mohamed BENCHAABOUN, as the Minister of Economy and Finances;
  • Monsieur Mustapha BAKKOURY, Président of Masen ;
  • The Moroccan State (hereinafter, "the State"), administrator, represented by Mr. Mohamed BENCHAABOUN, in his capacity as Minister of Economy and Finance and Administration Reform;
  • The Hassan II Fund, director, represented by Mrs. Dounia TAARJI, in her capacity as Chairman of the Management Board;
  • The National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (hereinafter, "ONEE"), administrator, represented by Mr. Abderrahim EL HAFIDI, in his capacity as Managing Director;
  • Mr. Abdelouafi LAFTIT, administrator, Minister of the Interior;
  • Mr. Aziz RABBAH, administrator, Minister of Energy, Mines and the environment;
  • Mr. Moulay Hafid ELALAMY, administrator, Minister of Industry, Trade, Investment, Green and Digital Economy;
  • Mr. Saïd AMZAZI, administrator, Minister of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research;
  • Mr. Abderrahmane SEMMAR, administrator, in his capacity as Director of the Department of Public Enterprises and Privatization of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (hereinafter, the "DEPP").


To maximize its impact, Masen converted companies into subsidiaries and began a stake acquisition process. In addition, Masen has fostered the creation of an initially Solar Cluster that was soon expanded to include all renewable energy sources.




« [...] our objective is to help strengthen skills and develop industrial expertise in the fields of solar power and green technology.
By coordinating professional organizations, manufacturers, researchers and academics, we combine multiple resources and skills, encourage collaboration and cooperation, and promote the development of synergies between public and private stakeholders.

Extract from a speech by Mustapha Bakkoury