Masen only supports general interest projects run by non-profit structures.


    These projects must be within the action areas of Masen:

    • Renewable energy
    • Environmental protection
    • Scientific excellence
    • The development (economic, social, cultural) around the territorial project Masen

    Masen also takes into account the following eligibility criteria:

  • The concrete character, originality and social innovation project
  • The inclusion of the project in the long term
  • The inclusion in the draft of an evaluation to measure the impact on beneficiaries
  • The possible implication for employees Masen
  • The potential use of project opportunities by Masen.
  • Masen does not fund:

    Advertising events or special projects as gala or fair. It does not support either humanitarian or scholar trips, nor projects led by a religious or policital structure.

    Masen will only consider sponsorship requests detailing the action's content, program (if applicable), sponsorship packages (if applicable) and clear counterparts for Masen

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