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25 December 2017

Masen Services*, which is responsible for managing the common infrastructure of Masen’s energy complexes, achieved dual certification for its integrated health, safety, security and environmental management system for the common infrastructure at Noor Ouarzazate solar complex on 26 June 2017.  

Since its establishment, Masen Services has ensured compliance with HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) standards created to protect people and respect the environment. The dual certification awarded by Bureau Veritas Certification for OHSAS 18001 and the 2015 version of standard ISO 14001 recognizes Masen Services’ constant compliance with international standards and domestic legal and regulatory requirements.

More specifically, this certification verifies the performance of Masen Services’ health, safety, security and environmental management system, which is based on an innovative managerial approach to prevent work accidents and work-related illness and reduce the environmental impact of the sites managed by Masen Services.

Masen Services is one of the first Moroccan organizations to achieve certification for the latest (2015) version of standard ISO 14001. This certification is the first step in a wider process to implement international standardsacross all of Masen Services’ areas of business.

Masen Services, created in 2014 and wholly owned by Masen, is responsible for the management, operation and maintenance of common infrastructure and services required to build the group’s energy complexes.

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